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Get Invloved

Teen Challenge is a worldwide ministry that is focused on impacting every community. Partnering with local churches and business is crucial in the battle against self harm, drug and alcohol addiction.  


Host a Rally

Our rally’s provide opportunities for our adolescent girls (16-18) to be able to share with the church body what Christ is doing to help them redirect their lives in a positive and influential way.

What do these services consist of?

Our service typically consists of performances of ASL songs (American sign language), testimonies, and a word from our Executive Director, Krissy Mcmahon.

Visit a Fundraiser

On most weekends, you can find a Teen Challenge table set up at a nearby Walmart, or local store.

All of our products are unique and handmade.

By purchasing some of our items, you are helping to support these incredible young adults on their journey to personal freedom. 


Current Needs

Over the course of each program, the needs of our students are always changing. 

Attached is an updated document of our current needs. 

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